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Persona is a collaborative theater and video project created by Ji-hyun Kim and Shayna Klee. We use text, song and puppets

to explore the obstacles surrounding  finding ones identity in a foreign country.

Performed at the galerie Ygrec in November 2017

To see the full video performance click here


Performed alongside the projection of my video "Deprimé avec les Simpsons", this musical theater piece explores an inability to come to terms with ones fatality. Through the use of music, dance and props, the performers interact with both the public and the video, where the girl must come to terms with her incapability to change her tragic fall. 


In this piece between short film and performance, I explore the experience of being a younger sister.


Fascination, curiosity, and desire manifest through trying to walk in the shoes of the other (exaggerated by big sculpture heels) and walking around drowning in fabric. The difficulty in which I move in the costume is meant to underline the frustrations and limitations of youth, and a womanhood not yet realised.

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