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About the book:

The Purple Palace & other Poems is the debut Poetry collection by Shayna Klee. The semi-autobiographical book is divided into two parts and takes place between two countries; Part I, “is a cloud a living thing?”, takes place during the Author’s tumultueuse teen years with tropical Florida as a backdrop. Part II, “Inside my Shell”, explores themes of transformation as the Author creates a new life in Paris, France.  

The poems in this collection explore the surreal rollercoaster of youth, the performance of identity, being an outsider and the tension between romantic idealism and the dystopic world in which the author finds herself. Her approach to her work as a visual artist is mirrored in her poetry style, which is accompanied by all original illustrations by the Author. 

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🌟🌟 My Country isn't on the list: 

if you don't see your country on the above list of countries to order from have no fear! You can still order the book from the website (for example Australia can order from the USA website, Netherlands, Poland & Austria can order from Germany website, Switzerland & Belgium can order from the France website, etc. All you have to do is just put in your address and they calculate shipping to your country!).

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