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"I am So Lucky!"
lined Journal: the second journal in the 2023 Affirmation journal collection by Purple Palace OUT NOW in hardcover and paperback!!


🌟***NOTE: if you don't see
your country on the above list
you can still get the book!!
See details below.

About the journal:

The "I am so Lucky" journal is a 199 page lined journal designed by Artist Shayna Klee (Purple Palace). This is the second of six journals in her 2023 affirmation capsule journal collection featuring all original Artwork on the covers from the Artist.
The "I am so Lucky" journal features Klee's painting "Wild horse sleeps alone" on the cover.
What's inside: The pages are cream colored and have the affirmation "I am so Lucky" written on the top, to remind you that you are so lucky and taken care of! Miracles happen to you every day!
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🌟🌟 My Country isn't on the list: 

if you don't see your country on the above list of countries to order from have no fear! You can still order the book from the website (for example Australia can order from the USA website, Netherlands, Poland & Austria can order from Germany website, Switzerland & Belgium can order from the France website, etc. All you have to do is just put in your address and they calculate shipping to your country!).

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