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I Love Being Sensitive: A guided affirmation journal & workbook for Artists & empaths
out now in paperback & hardcover!


🌟***NOTE: if you don't see

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you can still get the book!!

See details below.

About the journal:

"I Love Being Sensitive" is a daily creativity and guided affirmation workbook-journal created specifically for Artists and empaths on a path towards higher creativity, expansion and self love. With a focus on positive affirmations, self care and creative exercises, this journal was made to help you to let go of limiting beliefs, find strength to follow your dreams, and to get in touch with your greatest creative superpower:


What is a journal-workbook and who is this book for? 

As an avid journaler and self-help book enthusiast, multi-media Artist Shayna Klee (The Purple Palace) set out on a journey to bring together the best of both worlds in one beautifully made book. After 8 months of planning, designing and writing, the"I love being sensitive" work-book journal was born. Truly a labor of love, each day in the workbook was thought out and includes creative exercises, nightly abundance meditations, fun journal prompts, emotional check ins as well as personal anecdotes and original illustrations from the author herself. And of course, space to write your daily thoughts into. This book was created for anyone who wishes to expand creatively, emotionally and spiritually by getting to know themselves on a deeper level.

"By holding space for oneself, being intentional and practicing daily self care over the course of this journal, my hope is that you finish feeling more confident in your self worth with a better understanding and appreciation of who you are and what your purpose is in life.

It is an ongoing journey to embracing your highest, most vulnerable self. As a fellow Artist and friend, my intention is to simply hold your hand and walk with you for a little while."

-Shayna Klee “Purple Palace”

🌟🌟 My Country isn't on the list: 

if you don't see your country on the above list of countries to order from have no fear! You can still order the book from the website (for example Australia can order from the USA website, Netherlands, Poland & Austria can order from Germany website, Switzerland & Belgium can order from the France website, etc. All you have to do is just put in your address and they calculate shipping to your country!).

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