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My new book "I Love Being Sensitive" out now! 


Shayna Klee (Purple Palace) is a French-American performance and visual Artist, Author and punk-electronic musician. She lives and works in Paris, France and is a musical resident at Mains D'oeuvres. She graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from the National School of Arts in Paris-Cergy in June 2021. 


With a DIY and feminist approach to her performance Art and music, Shayna creates works that are conceptually driven with a punk-electronic sound. In 2023 Shayna released her first musical project under the pseudonym "Purple Palace", giving homage to her early online projects published under the same name. In 2024 she created her live show "Purple Palace: The Rock Opera" a one hour concert mixing live music, theater and spoken word. The rock opera, which features Klee on the electric guitar, synth, drum machine and Fanny vaillant on the bass is a sonic story telling of her first EP "Tower Moments". First performed in Paris march of 2024, the avante garde rock opera will go on to tour Europe this year.


In addition to her music, Klee's Art practice is multidisciplinary and variable with an emphasis on creating online communities: from her ongoing contemporary online theater project

"insta-play" which invites participants on instagram to write, film, perform and produce an original piece of virtual theater to then be edited by Klee and diffused on instagram, to publishing two best selling books ("The Purple Palace & other poems" in 2021 and  "I Love Being Sensitive" in 2022, Shayna seeks to push the boundaries of being an Artist by blurring mediums and realities (both virtual and real).

For more info on her work you can check out the latest interviews and articles here 

You can also check out her available work to purchase on her online shop with Art prints and her 2024 journal series

Business Contact:

Instagram: @_purple_palace

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