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A girl decides to throw a "Cry party" to celebrate her sadness. She is met with the colourful Storiesof her guests, being taken on a journey through their fears, sorrows and the questions of modern  existentialism.


Two curious tourists stumble inside a gallery show (that of my own) and react to this environment. The film explores how the general public new ideas in the art world  and the place of galleries in the contemporary digital age.

Friend Pearl

Two characters of different moral capacity are alone in a jungle and wonder about the value of friendship by a pearl of mystical friendship. They are confronted with betrayal, as well as living in a world where we are supposed to harden to survive.

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Déprimé avec les Simps.

Watch and read my interview about this short film that explore loss and coming to terms with ones own mortality  here

Mon Ami imaginaire

A girl escapes the mundane and embarks on a journey with her imaginary friend through vibrant coloured planets and surreal pop culture fantasies.  

The video seeks to explore romanticism we assign to the unseen. 


A short film that explores our relationship with food through poetry and visual anecdotes. This tension is underlined by sculptures and gestes with props. 

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Cadillac on 22's

A journey in a cardboard Cadillac gone wrong.


The viewer is confronted with fears, anxieties and the dreams of the protagonist while journeying through pop culture visions.


What if the line between what was acceptable to do in public, and what was acceptable in private, disappeared completely? In this society that only cares about the "final product" I attempt to engage in a conversation about the actions one commits behind closed doors to attain the perfect package.

To accomplish this, I perform intimate activities in banal, everyday places.  I created oversized accessories to highlight the taboo nature of their usage.

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