screen shot from video "cry party"

Shayna Klee is an American multimedia Artist and film maker based in Paris, France. Shayna creates colorful and vibrant installations combining sculpture, video and perfomance through which she explores recurring themes such as internet identities, social exclusion and the pull between our physical realities and the surreal mind. She often uses grandiose accessories and fantastic decors to exaggerate this fragility and tension. 

When she's not in the Art studio, Shayna openly documents her life as a young creative in Paris on her bilingual youtube channel, The Purple Palace.. This initiative serves as a curation of her journey as an American in France with an emphasis on the atypic environment in which she finds herself. This ongoing project also serves to strengthen the Franco-American understanding by profiling a new generation of Parisian Artists through creative narratives and interviews.

Shayna released her debut Poetry collection The Purple Palace & other poems on April 6th of this year. 

Business Contact:

Instagram: @_purple_palace