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My new book "I Love Being Sensitive" out now! 


Shayna Klee (Purple Palace) is a French-American multimedia Artist and musician. She lives and works in Paris, France. She graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from the National School of Arts in Paris-Cergy in June 2021. 


Through video installation, performance and music, Shayna creates works that are visually tumultuous, appealing to immersive scales, patterns and vivid colors. Her practice is multidisciplinary and variable: from her ongoing contemporary online theater project

"insta-play" to writing two best selling books ("The Purple Palace & other poems" in 2021 and  "I Love Being Sensitive" in 2022), Shayna seeks to tell stories and create worlds that are collaborative and futurist; where she acts as both consumer and performer.

It is in these hybrid environments that she invites participants to explore with her themes to which she is particularly sensitive; finding early success in her career as an online personality (Shayna is the author of the popular YouTube channel "The Purple Palace") she is very attentive to new technologies and the issues of her post-internet generation. Through her work she explores recurring themes such as the identities that we cultivate on social networks (our relationship to the digital realm), "pop feminism", social exclusion and the tension between our physical realities and the surreal mind. 

In 2022 Shayna released her first musical project under the pseudonym "Purple Palace", giving homage to her early internet roots. Her first EP "Tower moments" is an experimentation in pop, spoken word and dark fairytales. The project, which is set to be released beginning 2023, features songs in both French and English.

Business Contact:

Instagram: @_purple_palace

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