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New! Pre-orders open for my new print and poem "You will Only Cry Tears Of Joy".  The back of the print is hand signed with the poem by the same name to encourage you (and me) during times of loss and struggles..


You Will Only Cry Tears of Joy


I may not understand it now, but my pain and loss 

will be transformed into strength 

If I am going through an obstacle now, 

it is to make me into a more kind, 

inspiring and beautiful person.


Every mountain I climb strengthens me

Every tear I cry is water for the seeds of my dreams

I am unstoppable, I am worthy. 

My dreams light up the sky like stars in a desert

I am catching them all the time


I have big faith 

The fear and doubts that enter my mind 

are being ordered to leave 

What is left

is the best of me


I will soar so high like an eagle above the clouds

From this place of love and abundance, 

I will see the miracle that is my life

I will see the tears that have filled my living room 

I will smile down at her,

I am grateful for what I see..

size: 210 x 210 mm. Pre-orders are open for two weeks from April 1st and will be sent out the third week of April.

You will Only Cry Tears Of Joy

22,00 €Price
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