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New! Fine Art print of my orginial painting, "Wild horse sleeps alone".  Hand signed with a poem on the back (see second photo or down below). size: 210 x 210 mm. expect a one week delay from time of ordering to arrival :) thank you!


Wild horse sleeps alone, in the center of the bed

Wild horse smiles at old people, animals & babies!

Wild horse cries the most beautiful blue crystal tears

Wild horse is an instabaddie


Wild horse wins gold metals without even competing

she has decorated her apartment just as she likes 

& doesn’t shy away from colors


Wild horse gets invited to many cool and fun birthday parties 

she sees the good in everyone, and doesn’t partake in gossiping 

Wild horse isn’t afraid to ask the waiter for peanuts

she keeps her plants alive & is an overall great friend! 


Wild horse know when to say “no, thank you” 

Wild horse goes to the cinema at 2 pm on a weekday

she supports local businesses


Wild horse isn’t perfect; her favorite swearword is “fuck”

& speaking of, she watches whatever the fuck she wants on tv 

Wild horse does the dishes when she deems necessary


wild horse is grateful for coffee, chocolate and love!

she will jump in the ocean on a moments notice

wild horse is a globe trotter (literally),

she belongs to nobody, no place & no thing


"Wild horse sleeps alone" Fine art print & poem 2021

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