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New! Pre-orders open for my new print of my original painting and poem "Where are you now?" The colorful and vibrant print has a painting on the front and the back is  hand signed with the poem by the same name hand painted and scanned (see second photo). In my new series of paintings I am mixing collage, poetry and painting to explore lost connections. I hope this print can inspire you to not limit yourself to onen medium and to expand in everyway you feel <3   Pre-orders will be open for one week and then prints will be shipped a week from pre-orders ending (end of June).




Where are you now?


Where are you now? Do you think of me? is it cold there? do you have a jacket? Can you fly now? You haven't called. Hello? HELLO? Call me if you can, anytime is fine. Right now is a good time. Anytime is a good time, really.

"Where are you now?" original painting print & poem

22,00 €Price
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